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Endangered Species
Between The Flags
Washed Off The Rocks

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Latest News

IPAD Vs Reading books, you be the jury…

  Help, IPAD Vs Reading books, you be the jury… A debate I have regularly after writing children’s books “the adventures of Skipper and Rocky”, ( In my eyes has there ever been a better way to spend quality time with your children, grandchildren, niece, nephew or friends? Enjoying teaching, learning and communicating through reading… continue reading

Easter drowning toll reaches seven, including two lifesavers

With seven deaths in Australian waters reported this weekend, the head of Surf Live Saving NSW said the statistics had been ‘horrendous’ and warned people to be cautious. Seven people, including two lifesavers, have died this long Easter weekend around Australia. Authorities said there were close to an additional 300 rescues by lifesavers in the past… continue reading


Summer drownings almost double from last year

Four people have drowned in less than 24 hours in a horror start to the year. The separate incidents at Queensland, New South Wales, Tasmania and Victoria comes as new figures reveal drowning deaths in Australia are up 40 percent compared to the same time last year. Just after 12.30pm yesterday, a man in his 40s... continue reading

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